Sunday Stories 

NOAH'S ARK: Rhyming story of the great flood and the rescue of all the animals.

WHO WILL GET THE WHIPPING?:  Short story of a young teacher who volunteers to teach a class of fighting boys.

JESUS AND THE CHILDREN: Tells how Jesus related to the children when He came to earth,  the gifts he gave them, and how we should treat them.

LORD, I BELIEVE: The story of the father with the tormented child whom Jesus healed.

THE SONS OF HELAMAN: 2,000 young men lead by the prophet Helaman risk their lives to help their fathers and brothers defend their country from barbarian invaders.  Will some be lost in battle or will the faith of Helaman spare them?

FLAMES THAT WOULD NOT BURN: When Nephi and Lehi were cast into jail 300 Lamanites were miraculously converted.  Read how it happened. (from Helaman 5:17-52)

Christmas Stories:

NEPHI'S CHRISTMAS BALLAD:  The murderous Lamanites don't believe the prophet Samuel's prophecies and plan to kill the Christians.  Can a Christmas miracle save them? (from 3Nephi 1:1-22)

WHEN HE CAME THAT STARLIT MOMENT: What we might learn from the story of Jairus' little daughter whom Jesus brought back to life.

STAR OF GALILEE: Were there other witnesses to the birth of Christ besides the animals in the cave or manger?  Who were they?

CHRISTMAS IS A TIME TO SING: Answers the question of what is the true meaning of Christmas.

GIFTS OF CHRIST: God and the angels gave Jesus special birthday gifts. 

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