ANDREW VACHSS' RECOMENDATIONS FOR SAFE-GUARDING OUR CHILDREN (from Parade Magazine 2/16/06): "No child is capable, emotionally or legally, of consenting to being photographed for sexual purposes.  This, every image of a sexually displayed child--be it a photograph, a tape, or a DVD--records both the rape of the child and an act against humanity.  We must stop the hurt."

Who is Andrew Vachss?

1. Increase Penalties: "With significantly higher penalties--for everything from simple possession to production with intent to distribute--we will immediately accomplish two things: 1) Some purchasers and producers will be deterred, because the risk/reward paradigm will have suddenly shifted. 2) As for those who refuse to be deterred, we will be able to incapacitate them for very long periods via extensive prison sentences.

2. Abolish Statute of Limitations: We must abolish the statute of limitations, both civil and criminal, on acts involving the production of child pornography.   This will preserve each victim's opportunity to sue even if his or her individual identity is not discovered until many years have passed.  It will also foreclose the "Internet Defense," meaning that there will be no need to prove the date on wnich the original sexual victimization was recorded.

3. Enact Federal Laws: To further deter criminal syndicates we must enact federal laws to allow the United States to sue on behalf of any as-yet unidentified children depicted in seized child pornography.  This will allow predators to be immediately stripped of their property and profits, which can be held in escrow until their victims are identified.

4. Recognize that Child Pornography is an international crime: Many of the servers that contain and distribute it are safe-housed in foreign countries.  Typically, a "gateway" operation is set up to protect credit card users from discovery when they purchase child pornography from overseas merchants.  But when such a Web site's defenses are broken, too often only the American participants ever see the inside of a prison or face forfeiture of their filthy profits.  Since we bring economic sanctions against countries that commit human-rights violations, why should we do less when child-pornography syndicates operate with the clear complicity of their governments overseas?

Speak out now.  If you agree that we need tougher laws to prosecute the purchases and producers of child pornography, write to your Senator or Congressman.  Click here to find the address

Who is Andrew Vachss? thinks Andrew Vachss has done more than any man alive to safe-guard the children of today's dangerous world.  He is a famous lawyer, best-selling author, and leading advocate for child safety and protection.  He is a contributing editor of Parade Magazine.  He is also on the "Enemies List" of the International Pedophile Liberation Front, an organization for predatory pedophiles organized to promote child molestation and child pornography.  He has received death threats from those who call themselves "child advocates" but who use little children for their own pleasure. To learn more visit


"There's something nuts about a country that will give you a life sentence for possession of a piece of cocaine and give you probation for sodomizing your child and filming it for sale."  

"Victimizers of children are the enemies of any so-called society."

"A kid in an abusive home has far less rights than any POW.  There is no Geneva Convention for kids."

"It takes a village to rape a child."

Explanation for why he became a child activist: "I was sick and tired of going to court and watching them get thrown away like they belonged in Hefty bags."

About child abusers: "They are evil, and this is where I part company with social workers.  There are people out there who hurt children for pleasure or profit or both."

"We don't protect our young, and we tolerate predators of our own species."

"I don't understand people whose gratification is a BMW.  You don't know what joy is until you see a kid who was tortured get adopted by a family."

"Know this: These predators like what they do and will keep on doing it--until we stop them."

"For every child molester who leaps out of a van wearing a ski mask to grab a victim, there are thousands whose weapons are deception and guile."

"More importantly, child molesters do not want to be "cured."  They are proud of their evil work.  They say the only thing wrong with their conduct is our out-moded society's Jurassic and oppressive mores.  They lobby intensely for the right to molest...which they call lowering the age of "consent" for children to have sex...and call themselves "child advocates" in the process."

Political Action Committee To Protect  Children

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