"We can do no great things, only little things with great love."

  -  Mother Theresa   

  Adrienne Potter is a writer, musician, artist, child safety activist and political activist. She is the creator of Kids in Danger (K.I.D.) and American in Danger (A.I.D.).  She has written seven children's books and four books for adults, all sold on Amazon.com. She is the author of a biography of her father, Arthur Glenn Foster, the inventor of the lithium battery and a method to defeat the Russians' EMP Weapon. The book reveals his escape from Germany in WWII, his service as an OSI agent, and UFO investigations in Alaska.  Adrienne's books:

"The Pierce Prize," - A historical fiction novel based on the Revolutionary Pension file of Capt. Thomas James Pierce, who went to sea as a cabin boy at age 12 and was a Captain at age 15. He spent almost half of his life defending his country on land and at sea, and against all odds, married the love of his life while fighting pirates, thugs, bullies, and slave runners.

"Alaska to Africa: The True Story of the 18 Fosters" - a biography of Arthur Glenn Foster, his wife, and their 16 children.

"Seedlings of William Foster, Book I," - a revision of Flavius Foster's genealogy book.

"Seedlings of William Foster, Book II" - a revision of Flavius Foster's genealogy book.

"Fresh World," - a Sci-Fi for teens about a family who colonizes a newly discovered planet and discovers new life forms who reveal a coming invasion by a vicious enemy.

Children's Books:

"If I Could Meet a Vaquita"

"Max and the Orphans"

"If I Could Dance With Dinosaurs"

"Oh My Stars, It's Mars!"

"What the World is Made Of"

"Rainbow Renny, the Veggy-Eating Shark"

"My Room is Filled With Toads and Snakes"

 Warren Scott Foster - son of Arthur G. Foster, lives in Alaska with his wife and six children. He is an Air Traffic Controller at the Anchorage Center, but in his spare time he is found hunting, fishing, hiking, and kayaking in the wilderness areas of Alaska, along with his children. While hiking he and his son once found a Mountain Lion skull in a cave that was determined by archeologists to be 50,000 years old. He recently published the book "Chandabal Falls," a Science Fiction novel for teens about a young man who accidentally falls off an incredibly long waterfall and finds himself on another planet. Available on Amazon.com.

Rebecca (Becky) Bartholomew  -  daughter of Arthur G. Foster, lives  with her husband and various well-loved dogs and llamas. She has been a writer and English teacher for many years and has authored a number of books for adults about Womens' History, Mormon History, and Womens' causes. She has her very own publishing company. Her stories are found at Kidsread.info and are her first childrens' books. 

Adrienne, Warren, and Becky are all siblings from a family of 16 children who were raised in Africa, Alaska, and various states in the US.  


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