Kids In Danger (K.I.D.) - The price of a child is unwritten.

 Those who abuse children--whether sexual, physical, verbal, or bureaucratic abuse--

are better off having a millstone placed around their necks and thrown into the sea.

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KIDS IN DANGER (K.I.D.) is a private, not-for-profit committee dedicated to protecting children from sexual molestation and bureaucratic abuse/neglect/endangerment.   We are not affiliated with, a profitable child safety business, however we approve of their goals and plans.  What are the greatest dangers children face today? Murder, sexual abuse, sexual slavery, slave labor, bureaucratic abuse by government organizations and school boards and staff, molestation by family members, teachers, coaches, and others who work with children, even inside state-run foster-child programs.  Have you ever received an email invite to a child porn site?  Click here to find out what to do: Report Child Porn To FBI


Kids in Danger News:

NEVADA SCHOOLS ARE SOME OF THE MOST DANGEROUS IN THE COUNTRY--a 2nd Nevada teen was killed this year by other students: here.  The first teen was a girl beaten to death in Sparks by students who had been bullying her for two years, and the District did nothing about it. here Nevada school districts have been given an "F" rating by Kids in Danger. These districts are controlled by uber-liberal superintendents and school boards with a majority of members who are socialist. Gov. Lombardo has given school districts additional authority to expel violent students, but the districts are failing to improve the situation.
KIDS IN DANGER ALERT: Many of our school districts have been taken over by school boards elected by funds from organizations funded by George Soros, an admitted communist and Nazi sympathizer. These school boards are requiring that CRT, LGBTQ, and gender education be taught in the schools, all of which is simply propaganda. They are giving preferential treatment to a small minority of trans students at the expense of a huge majority of non-trans students.  CRT teaches that whites are inherently evil. LGBTQ teaches that everyone in that category is a victim, and gender education teaches that kids can change their gender any time they feel inclined and that castration and breast removal are viable options for kids. 

These same school boards are allowing trans males or biological males who identify as females to use the girl's restrooms and locker rooms (including showers), to sleep with the girls during overnight field trips, and to compete on girls' sports teams. All of this is perverse and depraved, as well as sexually abusive to female students. Simply put, George Soros is abusing every child in every public in the U.S. that falls victim to this indoctrination. Home-schooling has become the favored choice for responsible parents in these Districts. Tragically, in homes where both parents need to work to provide the family this becomes impossible.  Parents in these Districts who actually want to protect their kids should enroll  them in home school and let grandparents or other relatives host the children during school hours. Most home school programs take far less time to complete than regular school and are completed on a computer, with very little adult supervision. In spite of the constant lies perpetrated by public educators about home-schooled children, statistics reveal that they score far better on tests and are far more likely to graduate and go to college than children in traditional schools.

OCT. 15, 2023 - INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER FOR TRAFFICKED CHILDREN: Did you think you were having a bad day? It's nothing compared to a day in the life of a child sold to the filthy cartels, who is treated in unspeakable ways, starved, killed and disposed of, as if he/she were garbage. Please share, please pray.

Parents Beware of These Groups That Target Your Children Online:

O9A (Order of Nine Angles), 676, 764, CVLY, Court Kaskar, Harm Nation, Leak Society, H311

The FBI warns that these groups target minor victims on messaging platforms to extort them into recording or live-streaming acts of self-harm and producing child sexual abuse material." They target victims between the ages of 8 and 17, and use threats, blackmail, psychological manipulation, swatting, and doxing. to demand video of the child hurting or killing animals, themselves, or others or committing sex acts. They prey on children in popular games like Roblox, on gaming platforms such as Discord and Twitch, and on Telegram.

OVER 1,000 KIDS MISSING FROM CLEVELAND, OHIO: It sure looks to me like some traffickers have been busy in that area and parents better not let their kids out of their sight.

FORCED GENITAL MUTILATION: Much like the Nazi doctors in the German concentration camps, the California legislature passed a bill Friday that empowers the state to take children from parents if they refuse to let their child undergo hormone therapy or have their genitals removed!

Bill Bennett – Education Czar (former U.S. Sec. of Education), author of “Going to Pot: Why the Rush to Legalize Marijuana is Harming America,” on Fox Business:

· Kids are less attentive, less aware, and less focused when under influence of marijuana

· More people are admitted to treatment facilities for marijuana use than any other drug

· Marijuana is more dangerous than ever.

· Studies have shown a link between marijuana use and abnormal brain structure and development.

· Marijuana can cause lower sperm count


ADRENOCHROME IS TORTURE & MURDER: It is the worst crime imaginable.

Tim Ballard's new movie, "The Sound of Freedom," details the shockingly horrific industry of trafficking children for sex and for the production of adrenochrome, which results in their deaths. Thousands of the world's wealthiest people and government leaders have been coaxed into indulging in the results of this savage, brutal, criminal atrocity without regard for the innocent and vulnerable children and babies so cruelly robbed of life at such a young age. No society can ever claim it is civilized when it tolerates the torture and murder of its most vulnerable and helpless members. More here

"All human beings—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose." --from "The Family Proclamation," by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Forcing or manipulating kids into gender changes violates the first amendment and their human rights. It is the lowest form of sexual abuse of minors.

REPORT: Study Finds Instagram Algorithm Enables Pedophilia

Instagram enables users to find profiles that lead to child pornography and meetups between pedophiles and child.  here

KIDS IN DANGER ALERT: The United Nations has issued "International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education." P.16. says, "It aims to equip develop sexual relationships," p. 17, "These skills can help children form relationships with... sexual partners." On p. 71 educators are instructed to teach little kids from the age of 5 about kissing, hugging, touching and sexual behaviors. 9-year-old children are to be taught about masturbation, sexual attraction and sexual stimulation. Our children should be protected from this type of uber-liberal sexuality. Please write your Governors and national and state legislators, and tell them to ban this in your state. Please help protect the kids.


No more men competing in womens' sports!

No more boys using girls' restrooms and locker rooms at school!

No more sex changes for kids during the most confused time of their lives!

No more drag queens performing for kids!

No more asinine WOKE ideas!


Criminals are using AI to clone the voice of a family member, and then claiming that the family member has been kidnapped. An Arizona woman heard a phony recording of her daughter saying "Mom!" and crying on the phone. The woman was told that unless she paid the ransom her daughter would be raped and taken to Mexico and sold. They only need a few words to clone the voice. If this happens to you, call the family member to make sure they are safe. When you get any phone call, check the number and don't speak unless it's a known number. Teach these tips to your kids.

KIDS IN DANGER ALERT: TikTok has posts that challenge teens and kids to take a lot of Benadryl so they can get high or hallucinate. One death has already resulted. Lock up your Benadryl!
Found in an English-speaking school in Germany--the same country that committed genocide 80 years ago. Do they have brain damage? 
A middle school in the Nebo School District in Utah, gave students an English assignment on cow farts and gave the students insects to munch on. The teacher said, “All the evidence has suggested that we probably should be eating bugs – it’s good for the environment, etc." And then, the students had to write a report about how eating crickets would save the planet. Uh, right. Like there is now a bug aisle in your local supermarket.
The same FDA that authorized untested Covid vaccines that have given thousands of young men myocarditis, has utilized emergency use authorization to approve a dangerous booster shot on babies for a Covid variant that no longer exists. Who will save the children? Who will stand against the FDA's experimentation on children?!
CANADA WANTS TO LEGALIZE EUTHANISIA FOR YOUTH: KID says this horrific child abuse. The real solution is to provide counselling, hypnosis, and medication for children and teens who experience depression and anxiety. Throwing children in the trash because they feel bad is inexcusable! The Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying  released its report and called for the expansion of euthanasia in Canada to include children "mature minors." (Link to article)


MN Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan on parenting and children changing their gender... "When our children tell us who they are, it is our job as grown-ups to listen and to believe them. That's what it means to be a good parent."

Rebuttal from Elon Musk: Not when they’re fed propaganda by adults. Moreover, every child goes through an identity crisis before their personality/identity crystallizes.

GREATEST DANGER TO KIDS IN 2023: Districts with gender and unenforced bullying policies are run by board members elected by funds from George Soros and other fascists who hate America, liberty, and the constitution. They are actively working to destroy life as we know it, a life has worked well for thousands of years.
So now we know why U.S. Universities, Colleges, and school districts have been brain-washing your poor kids into believing socialism is hunky-dory. Billions of Chinese Yen have been poured into them as if there were a secret bank vacuum tube through the earth's core from China to America. None of the money goes to the students. It all stays with the administration.
BIDEN IS ALLOWING CARTELS TO SELL CHILDREN AT THE BORDER: Sen. Ted Cruz found child-size wrist bands at the border, used to determine which victims were paid up and which were not. Our country needs to outlaw campaign donations from the Cartels to top democrats. Wake up, people who voted for Biden! Wake up, people who continue to support him!
Hundreds of panties and bras belonging to girls and women who were raped by gang members have been left at the border by the perps to taunt Border agents. Fake News is shamefully ignoring this story, as if it were totally acceptable.  Please post flowers on social media for these tragic victims of Biden's open border. Please share. Don't let them be forgotten.  
Hundreds of panties and bras belonging to girls and women who were raped by the Cartels have been left at the border by the perps to taunt Border agents. Please post flowers in the comments section for these tragic victims of Biden's open border. Please share.

PARENTS WHO CARE CAN KEEP THEIR KIDS OUT OF CRT, SEL, & SEX EDUCATION CLASSES--No school district can force your child to take classes that violate your beliefs:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL), 'gender non-conforming' initiatives, and 'culturally-responsive and restorative' Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs are fancy words for victim-versus-oppressor initiatives (i.e. LGBTQ). SEL surveys mine sensitive information from our children, sex education is now taught through a radicalized, 'pleasure-based' lens, and most standard DEI programs aim to usher in race-based affinity groups and/or activism not appropriate for minors—all without our expressed parental consent and on our taxpayer dime.

KIDS IN DANGER WARNING: Evil, socialist doctors and school administrators around the U.S. and other countries are pushing for surgery for gender dysphoria in children as young as six. This is the worst kind of child abuse imaginable, and it should be outlawed with the strongest penalties possible. Our children ARE NOT guinea pigs for heinously cruel and permanent, unproven, so-called medical procedures. Our children are priceless gifts from Heaven who should be protected at any cost. K.I.D. believes our nation-wide school system has become so corrupt in many states that children should not be allowed anywhere near it. Instead, they should be home-schooled or placed in Christian schools.

It is natural for children to sometimes experience confusion about gender as they grow and mature. To diagnose this as "gender dysphoria" and remove the child's sex organs is a criminal practice, reminiscent of the torture committed during the Dark Ages. Only the sickest, darkest minds could manufacture such a scheme.  

KIDS IN DANGER WARNING: School Districts everywhere are bullying your children by engaging in the criminal behavior of teaching that socialism and marxism are fair and equitable, that white people are inherently racist,, and that they can change their gender any time. It was called CRT, but as soon as that was banned they simply changed the acronym. They are cramming woke LGBTQ propaganda down the throats of kids as young as five. There is no university in the universe that knows how to teach common sense, which is why so few school districts have it. SAVE YOUR KIDS FROM STUPID & HORRIBLE BELIEFS & MISTAKES. Put them in home schooling and send them to Conservative Christian Universities.
Kids in Danger opposes abortion except in case of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in danger.
CORRUPT UNITED NATIONS DECLARES WAR ON BABIES: The U.N. has declared abortion to be a "human right," which is like declaring exploding teddy bears to be a human right.
FDA APPROVES OMICRON COVID VACCINE FOR KIDS: Just one problem. They tested it on 8 mice and on zero humans.

THIS GUY IS FUNNY, BUT THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE. TOXINS FOUND IN COMMON BABY FOODS: Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury. Time to use the blender and make your own baby food.

Video here


-- 17-day-old baby dies at the border

-- toddler drowns with her father in the Rio Grande


A mother says her 7-year-old daughter was disciplined, banned from the playground, and forced to apologize to her peers because of a “racist” drawing she made for her mixed-race friends, at Viejo Elementary in Mission Viejo, California. She wrote, "Black Lives Matter, Any Life Matters."Any school district employee involved in this fiasco should be fired and banned from any employment related to children. K.I.D. believes that any child at this school is in emotional danger, and recommends that all responsible Mission Viejo Parents place their children in private school or home schooling. Those who can't afford it may want to seriously consider leaving California. 

May be an image of text that says 'Black Lives Mater any life'
K.I.D. opposes abortion EXCEPT in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in danger. May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'When someone is pregnant, she is not "expecting a child" she already has one. She is not "going to be a mother"- she already is a mother. The baby is not "on the way,' the baby has already arrived. If we are going to change the way society treats unborn children, we have to change the way we talk about them.'


Drug dealers are now using social media to sell and deliver dangerous drugs to children and teens.

1. Teens thought they were ordering Percocet, but received high-dose Fentanyl instead. A number of teens died after just one pill.

2. INSTAGRAM, TICTOC & SNAPCHAT don't allow parental controls.

3. Dealers are using icons like:

No photo description available.

Hypocrisies of Pres. Biden:

  1. He is appalled about 14 children killed in Texas school on Tuesday, but he doesn’t give a rat about:
  1. 3,500 people killed in Chicago in 2021, including kids,
  2. 200,000 killed by fentanyl that came across his open border,
  3. 12 Americans killed per day by criminals who walked across the open border,
  4. 4,500 Ukrainians and 10,000 Russian soldiers killed because Putin received enough money to start a war by selling oil to the U.S. after Biden shut down our U.S. oil production.

Biden is not appalled by crime. He is appalled when he can't use a crime to violate the 2nd amendment.

BIDEN LEADS THE PARTY OF MURDER -- Demoncrats have deliberately endangered children:

1. They shut down innocent baby formula factory and sent pallets of baby formula  (still unused) to the border for immigrants, causing nation-wide shortages that are makin babies sick.

2. Impeded shipment of baby supplies and hospital medications by over-regulating the shipping/trucking industry.

3. Eliminated our border and allowed child predators and criminals free entry, and placed corrupt D.A.'s in power who let criminals go. Our crime rate is sky-rocketing.


This group is on a mission to remove pornography and obscenity from school systems nationwide. Whether it is in the school library, on the school computer, or embedded in the sex-ed curriculum, they are leading the way to expose porn and empower local communities to demand these obscenities be removed. here

Spyware routinely installed by UK schools to snoop on kids' Web habits |  Ars Technica

VIDEO HERE (Warning: Some graphic content)

SICK POLITICIANS IN CALIFORNIA AND MARYLAND SEEK TO LEGALIZE NEGLECT AND MURDER OF NEWBORNS. They deny that they were babies once, and that babies are people too! here

FACEBOOK HAS BECOME THE #1 SITE IN THE WORLD FOR CHILD PORN AND CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING: Please let Mark Skunkerberg know how you feel about that by joining this Facebook group: Kids in Danger, which fights child porn and child sex-trafficking. There is no charge, and there are no repercussions. 


The Netherlands has become a prime destination for child sex trafficking, including sexual slavery. K.I.D. urges responsible people to vacation elsewhere. Other top locations are Gambia, China, Nigeria, Hungary, and Sierra Leone. Staying away from these countries will give their governments the message that they need to do more to protect children.

500+ Child Crying Pictures [HD] | Download Free Images on Unsplash


This unprovoked attack has killed pregnant women, children, and many parents of children. Today, ten people waiting in a bread line were killed. Others are being held prisoner and some have been tortured. We also condemn Pres. Biden for his refusal to send military aid to Ukraine. We don't want U.S. soldiers there, but there is no reason why we can't give them equipment to defend themselves.

MORE PUTIN WAR CRIMES! Meanwhile, phony Pres. Biden vacations in Delaware instead of sending requested jets to Ukraine.

Pregnant woman, baby die after Russia bombed maternity ward

MARIUPOL, Ukraine (AP) — A pregnant woman and her baby have died after Russia bombed the maternity hospital where she was meant to give birth. 

There are still so many good people in the world!...
       The child count among refugees could be as high as 400,000...




9 POLICE SHOT WHILE SAVING BABY - police initially responded to a report of a woman shot ...and the suspect allegedly invited the officers inside – before he opened fire and struck one of the officers multiple times, police officials said...

More officers were then targeted shortly thereafter, when a man who was not the suspect placed an infant in a pink-colored carrier outside the home, police said. Police did not immediately believe the baby was brought out in an attempt to lure other officers. "

An adult male came to the door holding a baby, an infant," Sgt. Williams recounted. "He placed an infant on the ground in front of the front door and then walked out towards the officers where they began detaining him. Other officers also moved in to secure that infant. At that time, the suspect opened fire on the officers again." The suspect allegedly shot four more officers, while four others were struck by ricocheted bullets or shrapnel, police said. 


The Nazis drained the blood of kidnapped Jewish and Soviet children in order to treat wounded German soldiers. The little victims bodies were tossed in mass graves. Today’s school boards, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and Governors are just as bad by trying to mandate unnecessary vaccines and masks for children, especially when one million reports of negative side effects have been ignored. here

Covid “vaccines” are causing micro blood clots in millions… and there’s no medical solution. SERIOUSLY? They want to give the vaccine to kids??!! here

BABIES AND CHILDREN ARE NOT AT RISK FROM COVID! This is all about profit for the pharmaceutical companies. Click here to send your opposition to children receiving vaccines when they have natural immunity and have a Covid death rate far lower than the standard flu--003%. Tell the government to stop trying to abuse our children!
IOC ENDANGERS TEENS BY CHOOSING COMMUNIST CHINA AS OLYMPIC SITE!! If athletes speak the truth to expose China's atrocities they can be imprisoned and tortured. These wealthy and ignorant adults favor China far more than any Olympic athlete. May be an image of 10 people and text
COURAGEOUS CADE COSTALES AND SEVERAL HUNDRED FRIENDS STAND UP TO MARXIST ADMINISTRATION AND REFUSE TO WEAR MASKS AT WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL. Most people know that masks don't prevent Covid. They may stop spit from flying through the air, but Covid is airborn, not spit-born. On top of that, masks are unhealthy. They force you to breathe in germs from the dirtiest part of your body--your mouth. Would you wear dirty underwear on your face?! The CDC and NIH make fools of themselves for requiring masks: here
Principal Janet Davidson at Creighton's Corner Elementary School in Virginia threatened to confine students who come to school without a mask!! --And Covid is no longer a pandemic, and the new variant is less dangerous than the flu!! ---> warm smile, ice-cold heart.
BREAKING NEWS -- DANGER ALERT: Three Doctors and Lt. Colonels--Dr. Teresa Long, Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, and Dr. Peter Chambers reveal to a Senate sub-commitee, under oath and on camera that Covid vaccines (compared to a 5-year average of the normal rate) cause 300% increase in miscarriages, 300% increase in cancer, and 1000% increase in neurological issues. Attorney Thomas Renz showed documents revealing that the CDC and Dr. Fauci were informed of this in September 2021.
The School Boards and socialist superintendents of today have made schools worse than those in the days of Charles Dickens. Forcing them to wear masks is like forcing them to wear dirty underwear over their faces. The mouth has more germs than any part of the body! Mandating unnecessary, untested vaccines for children is worse than whipping them or keeping them in damp cellars or work prisons. Orphaned Street Children
School Boards around the country continue to endanger children by requiring harmful masks and uneccessary vaccines. Number of child deaths from Covid = .001%. K.I.D. recommends home-schooling for all children. Those who claim that home-schooling is harmful for social development are grossly ignorant about the many social opportunities offered by today's home-schooling organizations and unaware that home-schooled students usually test higher than public school students.
Teachers in Utah were caught trying to sell gender-change to students. This is not only a huge violation of personal rights but is also sexual harassment.  Bad teacher Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Any parent who takes their child to a health professional for a vaccination is either incredibly ignorant or totally irresponsible. The CDC is telling blatant lies about the safety of Covid vaccines for children. Three of the top doctors in the U.S. have revealed a 15 times increase in Myocarditis in young athletes who received the virus.

  • The government is using a flawed Adverse Reaction Reporting System for the Covid vaccine.
  • A new study shows a 15-fold increase in myocarditis in University athletes who received the vaccine.
  • The government has failed to do an age-based Risk/Benefit Analysis on teh vaccine. How does it justify recommending it for young people?!
  • The CDC did a highly questionable study indicating that natural immunity is not better than the vaccine
  • Sources: Dr. Harvey Rich, Epidemiologist at Harvard, Dr. Robert Malone, Immunologist and Architect of the MRNA vaccine, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharia of Stanford University
More child endangerment news here 

Andrew Vachss Children's rights expert, best-selling author, lawyer, editor

Adults In Danger: There is no such thing as a willing porn subject. How can you help?

Baby Safety Baby-proof your home

Bill O'Reilly Host of The No-Spin-Zone (Fox TV) who fights tirelessly for tougher prosecution of child predators

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Child Slavery The worst danger children face world-wide

Child Porn:  How you can help stamp it out

Child Porn: How to report it. It won't go away until everyone does

Child Predators: Is there one living near your child's school or your home?

Internet Safety How to let your children use it safely

Natural Disasters: How to protect your family

Neighborhood Safety How to keep your neighborhood safer

Predator At School?  Does your school have a teacher or coach who preys on kids?

Protect Children:  Article byAndrew Vachss (the greatest protector of children today)

Sale Of Children Protocol Pres.Bush ratifies protocal on children's rights

School Safety  What kinds of dangers do children face at school?

Sibling Rivalry  Do your kids fight a lot?-- What to do about it

Street Safety  Teaching kids traffic savvy

Terrorism How to help your children deal with their fear

Verbal Abuse At School:  Is your child's teacher doing it? How to deal with it.  Suggestions for teachers on controlling an unruly classroom without yelling

Verbal Abuse At Home: How parents can have peace and quiet without yelling

72-Hour Emergency Kits: Many great kits available at good prices, with group rates

What has K.I.D. accomplished? 


Potter on crusade to keep kids safe

July 20, 2006


Anaheim Hills News (Orange County Register, CA, USA)   
Adrienne Potter is doing her best to make the world a safer place for children.
The Anaheim Hills mother of two turns in pornographers and pedophiles to police, the FBI, Scotland Yard and Interpol. And her award-winning Web site details how others can do the same.

Kidsread is a safe site filled with stories and learning activities. It also offers a space where parents learn how to protect their children.

The death of a neighborhood boy – hit by a car 15 years ago – and the molestation of two relatives spurred the stay-at-home mom into action. She founded the Web site a decade ago with financial help from her husband, John.

"I first put up the safety information for parents," she said. "Later, I added the children's stories, to draw parents to the site."

She's had more than 170,000 hits on her site – and she was responsible for turning in both a teacher and a coach to Riverside County police for crimes against children.

"My Web site always turns in porn sites," she said. "We get e-mail from pornographers who use a spider program to collect web addresses that contain the words 'kids' and 'sex.'"

Because her site contains both words, pornographers and pedophiles seek her out – and when they do, she turns them in.

Q. Isn't it difficult to get pornographers arrested, because of the First Amendment?

A. Not really. People don't realize that adult porn sites almost always contain some child porn. That's illegal.

Q. How bad is the material you receive from purveyors of porn?

A. This week I received an invitation to an event in Ireland, that we suspect is a child rape. We turned it over to the Innocent Images Task Force.

Q. How do your family and friends feel about all of this?

A. My family is really supportive. I've been a child safety activist since my first daughter was born and her car seat failed. But, most of my friends don't even know I do this.

Q. Where do you get the stories for

A.I always told rhyming stories to my kids and my husband loved them and encouraged me to put them on the web. "Oh my Stars it's Mars," teaches kids about the solar system. "What the World is Made Of," is kind of physics 101 in rhyme. There's also a new alphabet poem and a counting rhyme as well of lots of interactive stories for older children.

Q. What do you think about the growing problem of predatory teachers and coaches?

A. I plan to add a component to my Web site warning parents about that, soon. We already caution parents to suspect everyone, but, now we have to warn them against teachers. It is such an abuse of authority. Kids ought to be able to trust their teachers.

Q. Are you aware that school districts hide multi-million-dollar judgments against their predatory teachers, by using a Joint Powers Authority to keep them secret?

A. No, but that shouldn't be allowed. The taxpayers are paying for those judgments.

Q. What keeps you going?

A. It's very rewarding work. End

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