Happy Holidays

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Christmas Stories:

A Far Away Christmas:  A large military family finds themselves penniless after being transferred overseas just before Christmas.  Will Santa find them thousands of miles from home?

The Table Cloth:  A pastor witnesses a Christmas miracle.

The Angel Of Light:  A little angel wishes to return to earth at Christmas and finds want and poverty in a small village.  She sends dreams to those who have the power to make changes.

The Christmas Wish: Story poem about the meaning of Christmas for kids age 2 to 6.

The Hungry Little Lamb:  A little lamb wanders off in search of food and finds himself lost and in danger.

The Last Apple A beautiful tree with golden apples has an amazing surprise for the birth of a new King.

When He Came That Starlit Moment: Tells secrets  we can learn from the story of Jairus' daughter whom Jesus brought back to life.

Star of Galilee Secret witnesses in Bethlehem tell what they learned about the birth of Christ.

Christmas Is A Time To Sing: Is there more to Christmas than shopping, gift-giving, and feasting? Gives some ideas about the true meaning of Christmas.

Gifts of  Christ God and the angels gave Jesus special birthday gifts.  What could we possible give Him that would equal those gifts?

Nephi's Christmas Ballad: The Lamanites don't believe the prophecies of the coming of Jesus and plan to kill the Christians.  Can a Christmas miracle save them?

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